The 3D Chalk Art Man

This artwork has been around the internet and back again, but I thought this was a cool video slideshow someone put together with decent music and thought I’d share it for those who want to see it again and for those who have yet to have the pleasure of seeing this illusionary art! The art is done by Julian Beever

Jaiku, Twitter, and Pownce oh my!

I don’t know if any of you use one of these services, but I started using all three recently. I like twitter’s ease of use, Jaiku’s feed importer, and Pownce’s posting types. However, what good is having each of these if you post the same thing on all three, or have the same friends on each. My current thought is that I will use twitter like the microblog that it is, and it’ll be my casual posting. I will drop Jaiku as my main service, and have it just import feeds similar to my tumblelog or maybe even drop that community. Last, I will use pownce as a more intimate social presence network to share things among friends in that network.

How do you all use these services?

P.S.: If anyone wants a Pownce invite let me know, I currently have 10 or so

Update: To get an invite I need an email address, you have to use this as your new pownce account’s email

You can always goto Invite Share to get an invite, but you still will have to give an email there as well.

Radical UI Ideas – No Applications? No Desktop?

Aza Raskin from the team spoke at one of Google’s Tech Talks about user interface design. He starts with talking about user interface and interaction and his ideas on things to avoid and what needs to change. One cool thing he discussed was how there needs to be services, and a universal access interface (basically APIs) that would allow any interface to be used for any service and thus would allow the focus to move from the tools to the content itself and what you are trying to do with it.

The rest of the talk is mainly about how the desktop is useless for the most part as it does nothing for you in terms of content. Content is key, it’s all we care about. We want to create and manipulate content.

He speaks about removing the idea of the application, as they are silos in terms of user interface and content interaction. He presented how Microsoft Word becomes bloated trying to be Mathematica for calculations, and Photoshop for editing images, as well as being a word processor, but it does so poorly. Applications also cause user interface to become stale and toolboxes come along to make development easy but non-innovative.

He showed of Enso a product they have developed that marries the graphical user interface (GUI) with the command line interface (CLI). Non-technical people are used to CLI whenever they use google to search for something. So what Enso does is allow you to select something, then hold down the capslock key and start typing commands to manipulate the content, such as spell check, calculate, flip image horizontally, and many more. It also has a navigation command set so you can open an application or document, or switch to a different window, etc. It’s tough to explain it all, much better to see it in action, so just watch the video. It’s long, but very informative for those interested in user interface and design.