Firewall Your Brain ;D

I think that in the future it might be possible that we connect to the internet directly from our brain, or somehow are connected physically to computer devices. Having this thought and believing it’s a possible reality I was thinking how odd it would be that we would need a firewall for our brain or body when we start embedding wireless access points inside them (I think medical devices exist that at least transmit back status – however they aren’t connected to our systems directly – just observing). This came from a very casual IM chat with Jen that I had. I think I should do a parody of Microsoft Telepathic Firewall she came up with as well as a Google competing product. Here for your viewing pleasure:

(Disclaimer: Fixed a few spelling errors!)
Me: i think there needs to be a universal communicator where it’s not email, IM, facebook anymore

Me: but rather Email-like when you aren’t online (or away), IM when you’re present, and Skype-like for voice, etc
Me: basically like any good IM client, with offline message (or longer message) functionality
Me: hehe
Me: too bad we can’t just think to create
Me: right

Jen: I know it would be nice, there are too many different ways of communicating, it can get confusing!
Jen: too bad we can’t communicate telepathically!
Jen: that would be cool

Me: that would suck

Jen: you could hear a little “knock knock” in your brain

Me: I’d want you out of my head too quickly

Jen: where it’s me wanting to talk!
Jen: LOL
Jen: thanks steve!

Me: hehe
Me: your very welcome!
Me: you know me i like my space
Me: and my head

Jen: so do I, I don’t think I’d enjoy that very much.
Jen: too many people trying to talk to me, GO AWAY

Me: although we could all have telepathic firewalls
Me: lol

Jen: we could!

Me: ingenious

Jen: Microsoft Telepathic Firewall

Me: i should vox that

Jen: haha that would be funny

Me: ooooh, no it’d be Google TeleMailTalk: With Privacy Guard
Me: cause Google is taking all our lives

Jen: it is, I <3 Google 😉

Me: and they pretend it’s all Peaches
Me: night

Life has its Ups, and its Downs!

So the vacation home started all swell, an easy plane ride after seeing The Bourne Ultimatum, and a quick trip to our lake home. Met up with the rest of my family and spent the next day having fun enjoying the jetski, swimming, hottub, and playing with my little nephew. A few days later my mom, sister, and I headed out on our trip to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) after packing the minivan full of who knows what. It was to be a trip of fun and shopping.

Shopped Til We Dropped

The first day we shopped for most of it rising early at 9:00 to get started, and I read Harry Potter #3 when I could instead of shopping, or took care of the little nephew carting him around in the stroller and trying to keep him entertained. One of the interesting stores we went to at the end of the spree, IKEA, it is a crazy huge store laid out with Swedish efficiency guiding you along a single one-way path through the displays of the items laid out as they’d be in your home, then to the next level where there were all the smaller items you might buy (I bought a coupld CD boxes that seemed light but strong.) and finally to the last level where you get the heavy items like desks or whatever and they give you different carts for each of these levels.

Mega Mall Entertainment

After this great adventure, we went to none other than America’s largest mall (or used to be, not sure) we like to call the Mega Mall, but its scientific name is The Mall of America. It’s a huge 4 story mall with an indoor amusement park inside the center. We basically just ate there for supper, and took the little guy on some rides. He had a blast, smiles across the board and giggles to each successive trip around the schools bus that takes you around like a ferris wheel but much faster.

The Lucky Night

After we ended the excitement of the mall my brother and I went to the Cantabury race track. It was dollar night so we entered, and each got a hotdog and soda for just over $5, what a great deal. My mom had given us some money, and more than we needed, so we gladly used it to bet on each of the races. We watched 5 races and my brother had success on all but the first race betting on the winning horse and banking a winnings of around 40 bucks! I wasn’t doing so hot, I missed on the first two races, and then won a small amount on a high odds horse getting 2nd, missed again on the fourth race, but the last and final race for our night there I bet an exacta box on horses 1 and 6, which meant that I need both of those horses to come in 1st and 2nd, in either order, and sure enough after a photo-finish replay by the judges, horse 1a (there were two horses “1” and “1a” for the price of one) came in second to horse 6. I banked a solid $33 on that bet of $4, not bad eh!

The Water Park of America

The next day brought with it a little bit of extra sleep, then a trip down to some lake in MN which had a bike and running path around it. My brother and I set off to run the loop, about 2 miles, while my mom and sister took the nephew to get some food. After we finished our little workout we ventured over to the Waterpark of America where we got to have a blast …

The unluckiest night of my life (really) !

After having so much fun shopping, going on rides, winning money, and splashing down waterslides I was treated with something nobody would ever dream to ask for. I’m talking of course about full projectile vomiting and diareha for 5 to 6 hours during the night while trying to get some sleep. If that were not enough the hotel we were staying in decided to loose power twice, both at times of terrible inconvenience.

Finally we drove back up to the lakes where I could relax, get some good rest, and get some of my strength back ;P

Websites as Zip files?

I was just thinking, while reading some posts on how to improve Apple’s new image skimming technology, how to make websites load faster. I think that in the future websites should be downloaded as single compressed files, or a handful of compressed files in order to utilize parallelization. This way you could wrap all your images up in a .zip file, all your javascript files, all your content, etc. Sure there could still be some images loaded dynamically or separately, as well as other resources, but if you can get a speed increase by using a hack of embedding a bunch of 160×160 pixel images into a single 160×3200 pixel image in order to eliminate the multiple requests, why couldn’t you do the same thing by archiving all the images into a single or handful of archive files, and then having the browser automatically decompress or just unarchive the images and display them.

There of course needs to be new technology in place for this to happen, but I think it could be a good idea? Maybe having the images referenced differently <img src=””> or new attribute <img src=”imgLogo.gif” archive=””> or it could be somehow seemless using headers, or some other method where the images would download once as an archive and then be treated like cached images.

Just a quick rambling and as always I always love to hear other people’s thoughts.

A Few Ways to Live a Better Life!

I really like this list which is a bit long, but has many great tips on how to live a happier, more fulfilling, and less stressful life. Someday I’ll pick out the creame of the crop and post a list of them. A few of the tips include:

  • Get Outside
  • Learn to say NO
  • Take Vacations
  • Do less laundry
  • Use Less
  • Make a budget
  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Well the list goes on and on only 150+ more times with all sorts of great things that will make your life just a little bit better, check out the rest here: