Websites as Zip files?

I was just thinking, while reading some posts on how to improve Apple’s new image skimming technology, how to make websites load faster. I think that in the future websites should be downloaded as single compressed files, or a handful of compressed files in order to utilize parallelization. This way you could wrap all your images up in a .zip file, all your javascript files, all your content, etc. Sure there could still be some images loaded dynamically or separately, as well as other resources, but if you can get a speed increase by using a hack of embedding a bunch of 160×160 pixel images into a single 160×3200 pixel image in order to eliminate the multiple requests, why couldn’t you do the same thing by archiving all the images into a single or handful of archive files, and then having the browser automatically decompress or just unarchive the images and display them.

There of course needs to be new technology in place for this to happen, but I think it could be a good idea? Maybe having the images referenced differently <img src=””> or new attribute <img src=”imgLogo.gif” archive=””> or it could be somehow seemless using headers, or some other method where the images would download once as an archive and then be treated like cached images.

Just a quick rambling and as always I always love to hear other people’s thoughts.

My Firefox Extensions 2007

I tried to put these in order of most useful or most used by me.

Add Bookmark Here – This is a great way to add bookmarks in any folder quickly and easily.
DownThemAll! – Download any link or content fast and stay organized as you do so.
IE Tab – Quickly switch to the native Internet Explorer rendering engine while staying in the Firefox experience
Download Statusbar – Shows you download status, and allows you to quickly open files you’ve downloaded.
NoScript – stay safe on the net using this script blocker, allow all and black list, or disallow all and white list.
Adblock Plus – Blocks pesky ads and works really well with the Adblock Plus Filter.G Updater, also can whitelist sites to allow ads on certain sites, Please disable this for free sites you use, as that’s how they stay alive.
Customize Google – a way to change the behavior of many of googles services
Greasemonkey – a way to add scripts that change the behavior or experience of any given website
Tab Mix Plus – Adds more features to Firefox’s native tab experience, not as useful as Firefox improves
Google Browser Sync – Allows you to sync up bookmarks and other stuff from computer to computer, handy if you use bookmarks alot. I’m trying to switch to Foxmarks as it allows a more controlled experience. GBS always syncs, and has corrupted once, but that was cause I used it within Linux.
Clipmarks – A cool service to let you save any portion of any web page, and comment about it and share it.
Google Gears (Beta) – A new offline technology that seems to work decently I’m currently testing using it.
Google Notebook – similar to clipmarks, if you use Google Notebook then this is for you
Sage – an RSS reader that’s useful and good quality, I use Google Reader now though so I don’t really
DOM Inspector – A nice DOM tree viewer for developers, comes with Firefox
Web Developer – a great extension for anyone that develops for the web
Firebug – another developer extension, haven’t used javascript much yet so have only played around with it for fun.