A New Design and New Technology for Football

I noticed some new Vox blog designs for the site themes, I chose a football one right now, since the season is just getting underway! Go Vikings! Go Broncos! I also noticed when watching the games that the networks are applying new technology to help make the game easier to understand and give you more information at the same time. There is an article I found on NBC’s new techniques, and they seem to be helping to innovate the field of sports television enhancement technologies [read more]. I also saw one of the networks using a path line similar to the line of scrimmage and the first down line. This path line actually shows where a player ran the ball during a replay. It’s not a huge enhancement, but it actually makes watching the replay a little more interesting. If these enhancements are something that make the game more fun to watch and allow more people to learn about the game, then I’m all for them.