It’s not a Phone! It’s not a Computer! It’s an iPad!

This has been discussed to death, but I have decided to weigh in a few thoughts. If you love to customize your PC, run Linux, or would give up your netbook only from your cold dead hands, then this post is not for you. If, on the other hand, you think that the iPad is actually a bit more than just a large coaster, feel free to continue reading.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the iPad hasn’t been released, has only had a limited hands-on time for a handful of people, there will be a version 2, and most of my thoughts could be somewhat translated to another appliance-like tablet device.

That Really Is The Name. No Joke.

There have already been hundreds of jokes and parodies about the name, some recent, a few in the past. Will we continue to mock it 6 months from now? Probably not, as either it will have failed as a product, or the name will fade into the background as almost every name does (think Microsoft, Bing, even Google for that matter). Sure this name may sound the most ridiculous right now, and there is merit to women being upset that it wasn’t thought out even a little. But over time it will just be the name and in six months it won’t matter anymore.

Hyper-Hyped Up Beyond Imagination

Is it even possible that Apple’s reveal could have lived up to most of the hype showering the internet? I don’t think so. It may have been short of many reasonable expectations, but the hype was definitely an impossible goal to be reached (especially since Jobs did claim the device to be magical). I think I can safely say that the version they showed off at the event was not magical, and really was just a larger iPhone. That said, I think Apple delivered a product very similar to the first iPod, something that initially is a letdown, but with lots of potential.

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Surface Computing

Microsoft recently unveiled their Microsoft Surface Computing technology that they have been demoing and perfecting over the past six years or so. It looks like this is a great idea that will unlikely to take off any time soon. I would love to see it used for many of the scenarios they present such as syncing to cell phones, paying with plastic by dragging bill items to your card that has been placed on the table, or having a video puzzle which shows the potential of the technology. They would most definitely make this into a platform technology as well, sort of like the tablet where applications can utilize all the different functionality that is available.

This is similar to Jeff Han’s Perceptive Pixel’s touch screen technology. He showed off his research at the TED conference a few years back, but this technology is different from Microsoft’s. I’ll go into details in another post.