Listen to Your Passion

What’s your passion? What do you find interesting? Funny? Inspiring? There is very likely an audio or video show out there with your specific interests in mind. Podcasts – as they are usually referred to – can be found by searching the iTunes Store, Zune Social, Miro Guide, or just a generic search on your favorite trusty search engine. You can then download and listen (or watch) these shows on your commute, while working out, or traveling. I mostly enjoy learning about my trade – technology and programming – but also enjoy keeping up with sports, news, and the economy, as well as having a good laugh or two. I find it difficult to choose which podcasts to listen to since there’s only so much time in the day, and while it’s great to constantly learn, at some point you have to make your own contribution using the knowledge gained from listening and apply it to your own projects and life.

The following is a list of many of the shows that I tune into. Some I listen to weekly, but most of them I only listen to the episodes that interest me. I find podcasts are especially beneficial for when I’m working out and traveling, and if you have a long commute I’d imagine they’re a lifesaver.

Revision 3 Network

From tech to drinking to sex and everything in between, it’s the Wayne and Garth of the Web 2.0 era, looks like it’ll be ending soon though as the guys grow out of this stage of their lives.
Totally Rad Show
Love this show, all about movies, video games, tv, and comic books, and Dan becomes a man, with some miscellaneous stuff thrown in the mix.
Film Riot
I know I’ll never be a filmmaker, but I have always had a desire to make a movie and have even attempted some very lame ideas as a child.
A modern version of the old school TechTV show The Screen Savers giving tips and tricks on tech, gadgets, and computers.
Digg Dialog
Q&A with many famous people including Adrian Peterson, Ozzie Osbourne, Matt Damon, Al Gore, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name a few.
The Digg Reel
A look at a handful of the best Digg videos of the week.
Hak 5
If you’ve seen the movie hackers, its akin to the Hack the Planet, sort of, maybe, well if you want to find out go have a look.
Cali Lewis brings you a quick look at the latest gadgets and technology.
Other Shows
AppJudgement, Bytejacker, Food Mob, The Game Show, Unboxing Porn, Scam School, HD Nation

Twit Network

Windows weekly
Latest news coming out of the Microsoft Camp with Paul Thurrott from WinSuperSite.
Macbreak Weekly
Latest news of all things Apple discussed by a handful of Apple fanboys.
This Week In Google
All things Google and cloud computing with Gina Tripani and Jeff Jarvis
Security Now
Steve Gibson discussing all things security. Recently every other episode is a Q&A based on listener feedback. Checkout the past episodes if you want to take a free course in networking, security, and how a computer works from the transistor to the multi-core universe.
Amber Mac talks with Leo about what’s happening on the ‘net right now.
Other Shows
Tech News Today, iPad Today, Green Tech Today, NSFW, Home Theater Geeks, This Week in LAW, Futures in Biotech

This Week In Network

This week in Startups
The original that started the network giving advice on starting a business and entrepreneurship, as well as bringing on guests to discuss their success and failures.
This week in Mobile
Originally about Android, but now is about everything mobile.
This week in iPad
Self explanatory, discussion about apps and news with guests talk about their company developing for the iPad.
The Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show
Kevin Pollak has great discussions through interviews, mostly with comedians or at least people with a comedic background, in what amounts to an online talk show.
Other Shows
This Week In: Mobile, Poker, Video Games, Music, Books, Movies, and coming soon Cars, Fantasy Sports, Health & Wellness, Cause, Music

Other Podcasts To Check Out

For those with similar interests, and for a few of my non-tech related interests, check out a look into the variety of podcasts that are out there.

TED Talks
Videos of talks given at both the main TED official conference, as well as sponsored conferences held all around the world.
ESPN Radio
Mike & Mike in the morning, Pardon the Interruption (PTI), among other shows on ESPN.
KFAN  Sports Talk
To keep up with all things sports in Minnesota
I think this show has ended, but an interesting look at the “hidden side of things” spawned off by one of the book’s authors.
Herding Code
A round table discussion mostly on .Net, but they also bring up Ruby on Rails a bit more recently.
Scott Hanselman interviews various people on topics mostly related to Microsoft and the .Net platform.
Google Tech Talks
Google brings in guests to talk about technology and programming by experts in their respective fields or areas. Great for the serious learner.
Channel 9
Interviews with Microsoft Developers
Stanford iTunes University Course Lectures
A free resource of video lectures from Standford including the iPhone development course.

The list is heavily skewed toward technology and programming, but there are so many other options on health, lifestyle, zen, skiing, travel, finance, economics, math, science, philosophy, religion, and much more. If you don’t find one out there to fill your interest think about starting one yourself, it’s easier than ever today.

Stay classy Internet!