What I hope to see at WWDC 2014

These are some of the items I hope Apple announces at their big keynote for both the public and developers alike. I’m excited to sit in on some of the sessions this year, and I’m hoping that Apple is doubling down on the developer side of things for both iOS and OSX. The following lists some of the things that I hope to see at WWDC (or at least at the fall event).

  • Apple TV SDK and Store Platforms
  • Apple TV Controller Support
  • Macbook Air 12″ with Detachable Screen that can run iOS as an iPad :]
  • MacMini refresh
  • iCloud Storage Increase on all tiers
  • Improvements to iCloud and Apple’s cloud services
  • Inter-app communication similar to intents and contracts
  • Split Screen functionality for any device (smaller “HUD” app format, 2 at once)
  • AirDrop to and from both OSX and iOS
  • AirPlay to iOS
  • File Store so that any app can open a file from the global store w/permission
  • Improvements to Finder to better support tabbed browsing and power users
  • Apple’s Fitness Accessory and Health SDK
  • Apple Payment Service
  • Pressure sensitive stylus capabilities
  • Major improvements and additions to SpriteKit
  • Xcode C++ Refactoring Support to extract methods and other refactors
  • Support to access iCloud / GameCenter from any platform

Live Keynote Stream: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2014/

Thoughts and Predictions from others: