Cocos2d-x 3.x Migration – Visitor

This will no longer be necessary once std:: containers are used everywhere instead of the deprecated value classes. Until then, however, I’ll be using the following to pretty print out arrays and dictionaries.


class CC_DLL Visitable
 /** should call concrete visit method */
 virtual void acceptVisitor(DataVisitor &visitor) = 0;
 virtual ~Visitable() {}

Also updated the PrettyPrinter class in CCDataVisitor.cpp

Changed the three visit methods:

// in visit(const __Array *p)

// in visit(const __Dictionary *p)

// in visit(const __Set *p)

Replaced with:

// in visit(const __Array *p)
Visitable* v = dynamic_cast<Visitable*>(obj);
if(v) v->acceptVisitor(v);

// in visit(const __Dictionary *p)
Visitable* v = dynamic_cast<Visitable*>(element->getObject()); 
if(v) v->acceptVisitor(v);

// in visit(const __Set *p)
Visitable* v = dynamic_cast<Visitable*>((*it)); 
if(v) v->acceptVisitor(v);

Added `public Visitable` to each of the following classes: __Bool, __Integer, __Float, __Double, __String, __Array, __Dictionary, __Set


class CC_DLL __Bool : public Ref, public Clonable, public Visitable

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