Finder is Better with XtraFinder


This is a great utility that enhances OS X finder to support better ordering, cut/paste, and Tabs! Who doesn’t like tabs? Essentially it brings it closer to the excellent Windows Explorer I got very used to in my earlier life. The underlying Unix foundation provides the excellent command line file management where XtraFinder brings a similar power to Finder.

Features I like:

  • Tabs. Obviously.
  • Sort folders at the top
  • Cut and Paste files or folders
  • Sometimes useful side-by-side tab view to easily compare or drag
  • ⌘+⇧+G to go anywhere by typing Unix path
  • New Terminal Here
  • New File Here

It’s been rock solid for me since the latest update 0.25.1 and makes working with the GUI much less painful. Terminal is still close by, but now I need it less often, especially in tandem with a launcher like Alfred, which I’ll talk about tomorrow.