The Hyped Up Ocean of Vaporware

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, is an exciting time for a gadget or tech geek. There’s an endless display, pun intended, of new technology that companies show off to gauge interest, spur interest, and steal interest. This year started out as awesome as ever showing off 15m wireless charging, futuristic cars, NVIDIA’s vehicle GPU technology story, and a laptop with a full-sized desktop keyboard. Of course there will also be the expected: 4K Televisions, smart watches, toys with lots of tech inside, and of course tablets. Phone hardware has mostly moved into their own announcements due to the shear size and demand of that market, but there are plenty of phone accessories.

There’s so much hype and excitement that will fade away in the next few months, but it’s fun to have a post-Christmas shiny object fest. Most often very few of the concepts not already in production ever see the light of day where the average consumer can buy them. The exceptions are those ready for testing in well-known markets like TVs, tablets, and phone battery cases. I still enjoy reading up on the show and checking in to see if there are any nuggets of gold wrapped up inside crazy.

It’s still on through Friday so go check your favorite search provider for news, but I’ll come back tomorrow and the next to update with a few of my favorites as well as links to various blogs and resources for readers and my future reference.