2008 new years resolutions and goals

I have been thinking about this upcoming year of 2008 and what I would like to accomplish. Similar to a list of resolutions, I have some goals I thought I’d share to make it more real and give me a sense of accountability I’d otherwise not have. Unfortunately most of my goals are really 1st half of 2008 since I can’t comprehend next fall yet. And I’m sure these lists will only continue to grow.

2008 Overall Goals (ie: Resolutions):

  • Determine my career focus
  • Ski 30+ days Jan-May
  • Reduce Balance on Credit Cards to zero by June (Loan payments kick in then!)
  • Lose weight to achieve goal weight of 185 lbs (~30lbs to go – Christmas did not help)
  • Attend a Video Games Live concert.
  • Continue keeping Inbox @ zero.
  • Get rid of anything I don’t need (give to goodwill or auction off on ebay)
  • Vox once a week or 50 times (these include only substantive posts with real content)
  • Finally for once and for all determine and organize my online identities (merge and split where necessary)
  • Enjoy each and every day!

2008 Development Goals:

  • 1st Iteration of my development operating system. Create a VMWare image to share.
  • Finish OmniStatus for the sake of finishing it, then create a version in flash and silverlight for testing.
  • Develop or further development of 5 open source project of my own
  • Get involved with an open source project like Drupal or CakePHP, etc.
  • Develop a web service based business

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing with these goals through limited Vox posts, twittering, and info on my actual websites.

What are you all going to do for this upcoming year of 2008?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!