Gears of War

Gears of War is a very good looking game, with some of the best graphics of the current 360/PS3 generation of games (at its release). It is a 3rd-person shooter, and revolves around trying to destroy an infestation of alien life. The game-play is decent though very repetitive, allowing you to use a variety of weapons along with grenades. The main style of play is to utilize the “hug-and-cover” motion where the player gets out of the line-of-fire. Then you can either show yourself for a moment that allows precise aiming, or use the blind fire option to remain under cover while firing your weapon.

I haven’t played either of the multiplayer variations, but it supports 2 player Co-op, as well as 4v4 death matches, and I hear both are quite good and enhance the game experience not to mention increases the replayability. The game has its moments, and is an overall fun and exciting game, and despite being a little repetitive I highly recommend it.

Resources: Game Website | IGN Review


I thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish, and while there was a bit of repetitiveness overall the game play and story were very original. The game starts out with a bang and doesn’t let up from the beginning, and it is beautiful to say the least. You find yourself stranded in a city and soon figure out that it is under the ocean or some body of water. The game has a small twist that allows you to choose a path of good or evil, however I only chose one during my interactive adventure all the way through the end (and thus getting an achievment to boot), and I’m not so sure choosing the other side would change the game any.

The game is a little on the creepy side of things, and uses lighting as part of the story telling, so it is not for the faint of heart. However, it is very intriguing and fun to play through both the environment as well as the different types and styles of weapons that you are able to choose from. One thing that was a little boring after the first few times was “hacking” where you had to play the old-school game “pipes” where you have to piece together a functional pipe to allow water to flow from the start to the finish. This game is supposed to have a decent amount of replay value, though I’m not so certain that will be true as I attempt a second run through to try out different weapons/decisions. As a last note I would say this game is definitely a buy, not a try (rent), but could be sold after finishing.

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