Five reasons I’m a Browser

The next decade will see the continued rise of the browser as the platform, and I’m ready to ride the wave. Here’s a look into five reasons why I enjoy the web and all that it offers us.

Install Not Required

Open a brand new computer, start the browser, access a website, and finally close the browser. No more 5-hour reformat process, only to then have to install ten or more applications which can each take quite a while. Now you just access the application by URL and login. That’s it, nothing to install, no keys to enter – just register, pay if required, and login. Now you are not tied to a single machine, but instead can use any computer device that has a browser. Also, beyond just not needing to install anything, you also always have access to the latest and greatest version of the application, even if this does allow companies like Google to keep their apps in perpetual beta.

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