Jaiku, Twitter, and Pownce oh my!

I don’t know if any of you use one of these services, but I started using all three recently. I like twitter’s ease of use, Jaiku’s feed importer, and Pownce’s posting types. However, what good is having each of these if you post the same thing on all three, or have the same friends on each. My current thought is that I will use twitter like the microblog that it is, and it’ll be my casual posting. I will drop Jaiku as my main service, and have it just import feeds similar to my tumblelog or maybe even drop that community. Last, I will use pownce as a more intimate social presence network to share things among friends in that network.

How do you all use these services?

P.S.: If anyone wants a Pownce invite let me know, I currently have 10 or so

Update: To get an invite I need an email address, you have to use this as your new pownce account’s email

You can always goto Invite Share to get an invite, but you still will have to give an email there as well.

Update (2023):

Jaiku/Pownce/Twitter services no longer exist (Twitter is now X)