Firewall Your Brain ;D

I think that in the future it might be possible that we connect to the internet directly from our brain, or somehow are connected physically to computer devices. Having this thought and believing it’s a possible reality I was thinking how odd it would be that we would need a firewall for our brain or body when we start embedding wireless access points inside them (I think medical devices exist that at least transmit back status – however they aren’t connected to our systems directly – just observing).

This came from a very casual IM chat with Jen that I had. I think I should do a parody of Microsoft Telepathic Firewall she came up with as well as a Google competing product. Here for your viewing pleasure.

(Disclaimer: Fixed a few spelling errors!)

Me: i think there needs to be a universal communicator where it's not email, IM, facebook anymore
Me: but rather Email-like when you aren't online (or away), IM when you're present, and Skype-like for voice, etc
Me: basically like any good IM client, with offline message (or longer message) functionality
Me: hehe
Me: too bad we can't just think to create
Me: right

Jen: I know it would be nice, there are too many different ways of communicating, it can get confusing!
Jen: too bad we can't communicate telepathically!
Jen: that would be cool

Me: that would suck

Jen: you could hear a little "knock knock" in your brain

Me: I'd want you out of my head too quickly

Jen: where it's me wanting to talk!
Jen: LOL
Jen: thanks steve!

Me: hehe
Me: your very welcome!
Me: you know me i like my space
Me: and my head

Jen: so do I, I don't think I'd enjoy that very much.
Jen: too many people trying to talk to me, GO AWAY

Me: although we could all have telepathic firewalls
Me: lol

Jen: we could!

Me: ingenious

Jen: Microsoft Telepathic Firewall

Me: i should vox that

Jen: haha that would be funny

Me: ooooh, no it'd be Google TeleMailTalk: With Privacy Guard
Me: cause Google is taking all our lives

Jen: it is, I <3 Google ;) 

Me: and they pretend it is all Peaches 
Me: night